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'This Thing Called Life'

Poetry Inspired by the
Music and Spirit of Prince

Prince Rogers Nelson


Larry D. Thacker 

About the Poet

Larry D. Thacker is a writer and artist from Tennessee.

His poetry can be found or is forthcoming in journals and magazines such as The Still Journal, The Southern Poetry Anthology: Tennessee, Mojave River Review, Broad River Review, Harpoon Review, Rappahannock Review, Full of Crow Poetry, Dead Mule School of Southern Literature, AvantAppal(Achia), Sick Lit Magazine, Black Napkin Press, and Appalachian Heritage

His stories can be found in past issues of The Still JournalFried Chicken and Coffee, and The Emancipator.

He is the author of the forthcoming full-length poetry collection, Drifting in Awe, and two poetry chapbooks, Memory Train (Finishing Line Press, 2015), and Voice Hunting (Finishing Line Press, 2011), in addition to a nonfiction book, Mountain Mysteries: The Mystic Traditions of Appalachia (Overmountain Press, 2007).

A student services higher education professional for fifteen years, he is now engaged full-time in his poetry/fiction MFA from West Virginia Wesleyan College.


Spring 2017 »

Late Synchronicity in Purple
by Larry D. Thacker

I’d put it off for years but was finally setting
pen to paper yesterday morning on a piece
called “Breakfast,” about the tunes my father played
on the family stereo every morning as I readied
for grade school. About how odd psychedelic sounds
of Hendrix and his upside down guitar hammered
permanently into my mental inner ears as a kid
along with King, and Benson, and The Beatles.
I was tempted to sail on with that line of love, but
it wasn’t time yet,
.....................I thought, to write about how
my very first album was your 1999 mystery
I hoarded away as a middle schooler convinced
no one knew I possessed it, wearing it out on my
record player with headphones securing me safely
away through my confusing puberty, “D.M.S.R.”
played over and over preparing me for my first real,
though innocent date, a year later. How by the time
Purple Rain was drenching us, we were ready
for the sexed up soundtrack to our high school lives,
for the most obvious prom theme. How during
all this fascination with the constancy of fashion,
and lyrics, and MTV videos, and artful music,
and personality, and singing style imitation, a thread
of connection linked all the way back my childhood
as I recognized Hendrix in you, the mustachioed frown
when howling away at the blues, that first affectation
I’d noticed.
.............Had I known you were passing through
to some newer unheard of music just sometime before
I was then putting off reminiscing on your being
around when I needed you back then, I can only now
wish I could have been there to at least push the up button
for you on the elevator after handing you your guitar




Larry D. Thacker ~





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