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'This Thing Called Life'

Poetry Inspired by the
Music and Spirit of Prince

Prince Rogers Nelson


Keli Osborn

About the Poet

Keli Osborn lives with her family in Eugene, Ore., where she coordinates a literary reading series and works with community service organizations.

Her poetry appears in The Timberline Review, Elohi Gadugi Journal, The Fourth River, as well as in the anthology, All We Can Hold.  

Osborn gave up competitive basketball years ago, and plans to keep dancing for the duration.



Spring 2017 »

A Mr. Nelson Devotional
by Keli Osborn

He swivels, he spins & steps.
Bending tune & time,
he yelps. He shrieks
above our heads.
We moan

oh, beneath
we moan:

Strumming, shredding,
shedding hesitation.
Like birds, we cry,
we glisten.

Oh, how sartorial splendor
& gilded throat deliver
violet plunder.

Switch it up, yeah,
we trade holler
& whimper, holy
magician proving every
thing: bass line or
growl &
the dirty dirty

(He wears heels
because the ladies love ‘em.)

Nothing compares to him—

Don’t go, sweet prince,
don’t ease the hum.
Let’s not stop this dusk till dawn.

........Together, say it, tell it:




Keli Osborn ~




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