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Jennifer Schulte

About Poet
Jennifer Schulte was born in Princeton Junction, New Jersey. She attended Rutgers University for two years, and transferred to Wesley College in 2006 when her family moved to Milton, Delaware.  Currently, Jennifer is a retail store manager, and she is finishing up her English degree at Wesley.  This is her first publication.


"The Holy Spirit Spoke"

Alice never knew of the children. She heard a soft whisper on a dark
Ugandan night - the cries of the Acholi.
The Holy Spirit sang about revenge and God and peace and war.
Alice marched on with the beat of spirit whispers and a song of vengeance.
She never knew of the children when she died in her battle. A secret
civil war began
Her perverted spirit embedded in the blood: Captain Cousin Kony.
Singing her song and stories of the spirit, Kony marched on.


"Overthrow the Ugandan government for being unjust to the Acholis"

Invisible children are holding machetes and machine guns,
Marching and training in The Bush -
Whispering stories of Alice and the Holy Spirit speaks. You can hear them
Whispering, the Invisible children,
They recite the story, "Have you heard of the spirits? The Holy
Spirit visited Alice on a dark Ugandan Night while she slept softly.
Instructed to overthrow, overthrow, and avenge the deaths of the
Acholi tribe." Kony and his Army overthrew.
You can hear Captain Cousin Kony repeat the story in The Bush,
standing upon the bones of the children, in an enclosed field -
In The Bush.
The Lords Resistance Army;
In the Bush the Invisible Children train
From The Bush a secret Civil War was waged.
A little boy mumbles, "why are we resisting?"
Before he's sliced with a machete from his throat to his navel,
thrown in a pile -
As the boys and girls gaze ... heeding their warning.


"90% of the LRA's troops are children"

The Wandering Children, ripped from their childhood; raped mothers,
dead fathers -
Are in The Bush.
The Invisible children are in The Bush surrounded by bug-eaten
corpses of dead sons and daughters, marching and training and -
Watching friends sliced to pieces like cheap meat on the market.


"An entire generation of youth that has never known peace"

And they are cheap when you take them and no one is looking. No one
Is looking and the count goes up from one hundred to
One million in a matter of months.
But when no one's looking another child goes missing in the middle of
the dark Ugandan Night while spirits whisper and the Lords Resistance
Marches on ...
The Invisible Children are in The Bush
The Invisible Children are never coming home.


"The most neglected humanitarian emergency in the world"

Hiding in The Bush
Holding machetes and machine guns,
Heeding their warnings
Watching boys and girls sliced and put in a pile
But no one's looking
And meat is cheap.


Jennifer Schulte
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