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Reuben Jackson

About Poet
Reuben Jackson is a poet living in Washington, D.C. He is an instructor at The Writer's Center in Bethesda, Maryland, and is the host of "The Poet's Corner" on WPFW - 89.30 FM in D.C.

on a misty night

Potato chips numerous as dubloons
spill onto the basement floor,
Inches from my father's thirsty glass,
and the anxious tower of wax
waiting for the stereo to be free.
He thought Sam Cooke's voice
kept me from hearing
his mournful singing.
But my heart was a fan
reading his every nuance.
Waiting beside the stage entrance-
earnestly crooning his name.



we poet types
should take to the streets
like hustlers.

emerge from suv's
with tinted windows
and whisper,

"i got that free verse,
iambic pentameter.

a key of
lord byron."


the democrats save the day!

"what are you prepared to do?"
-jim malone

We'll show them,
We cried,
Shaking a
paper mache
in the direction
of those
getting their
war on.
These beloved Democrats
Have peace signs
In their eyes,
a working stopwatch,
and., so they tell us
with great conviction,
war weariness,

Which they will vanquish
Like a bothersome
As soon as we·

So we did,
And they won.
Went to DC
Nothing happened.

We, they proclaimed-
Will exit Iraq
This year. No
When does Halley's Comet


Reuben Jackson
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