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Delaware Poetry Review

Beth Joselow


Dreaming myself in a younger body
so pleasant and unexpected.
Passing mirrors and windows I
glimpse with delight a remembered self,
dark-haired, thin, and confident, that tells
everyone she meets, “I’m from
the future. In a decade or so you
will meet me and we will come
to know each other well. You
are my nurse, you my doctor.”

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That binge was no
Bridal party.
Bingo, wethead.
Better off at the bistro baring
What burns brightest,
Dumbo. Curlytop. Cutiepie.

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Much is over.
Winter evades the role
You chose in the blinding heat.

Roll the days again, some of them.
Bring the cream to the top of the bucket.
Sit backward for the ride home.

It’s all over but the killing
Stops for no man
Falling from the face of the Earth.

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About the Poet

BETH JOSELOW has written poems all of her life. Some of them have appeared in her eight published books, the most recent of which is Begin at Once, Chax Press, Tucson, AZ, 2007. During her career, she has collaborated with artists and musicians on song cycles and artists books. One of the latter, The April Wars/The Fountains of Exhaustion made with Ukrainian artist Pavel Makov is in the collection of the Osaka Museum and other galleries. After a long career as a teacher of writing at The Corcoran College of Art, she now lives and works in Sussex County, Delaware as a psychotherapist in a program for children who have experienced serious trauma.