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Delaware Poetry Review

Gary Hanna


Frond points spear the sky
while bamboo shoots filter
incomiing light and unseen
birds hide in coconuts
that hand high and tight
like erogenous gods, while
palms flirt with low hanging
clouds ambling by, couple
with trade winds crooning
the shore, like mermaids
singing to the waves,
come to me, come crash
on the rocks, come fly like
splintering foam that's lost
all force, and only swirls
cover the clear blue water,
where crabs, sea urchins
and anemones hide from
the sun, guard land against
all invaders, leaving only
white shells behind to wash
in the sea, under the guise
of a robin blue sky.

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Where whales sing offshore
and waves crash, spearing
the sky, explode against
the air, settle in, like
Noah's flood, overrun the
beach, churn the sand
to mush, and seals watch

And change wrought by oceans
overcomes the earth, clouds
of mist fly in, solidify
to fog, enshroud the cracks
in rocks, and underneath
the earth moves, gives birth
to life, and the wind shifts

And time slips behind the dark,
stars come out to play, distill
the night to dew, and radiant
beams filter in like a thousand
galaxies beyond the gift
of sight, the grass bends
and change comes like dawn

And land begins to stretch
across the light, gulls
circle, dive and lift, their
wings tracking sand and sky,
waves roll in, sea cows sllide
off rocks, the sun comes out,
and I've found my home again.

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About the Poet

Gary Hanna received the Emerging Artist Fellowship for Poetry from the Delaware Division of the Arts in 2003. He won the Brodie Herndon Memorial Prize in 2002 and the Walter W. Winchell Poetry Contest in 2005. His poems have appeared in over 50 journals and anthologies since moving to Delaware. He is the Director of the Poetry At The Beach reading series in southern Delaware.