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Delaware Poetry Review

Carol Bruce


The breath of a small red
fox was sucked out
in a mossy woods near Lake Champlain.

A wild dog tore it,
or maybe a rifle shook it once
sharply and it dropped. Maybe the
dog came later.

Near the neck wound, three varnished
carrion beetles chew,
do their valuable work.

The fox's fur is still soft;
its color is of peaches
burning, of apples thrown at the sun.

Attending the fox which was here,
I wait, telling myself,
I'll leave when the sun drops
through that lowest hemlock
branch on the hill.

And long after a soft darkness
has filled the grove,
I walk home,
my eyes full of red.

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J.S. Bach who was sometimes disgruntled
was aided by nudity (frontal)
to spawn twenty kids
all with musical ids,
to raise up musique contrapuntal.

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About the poet
Carol Bruce is one of eight poets selected for a poetry retreat with the Poet Laureate of Delaware in 2006 and is one of the six featured poets in the Poetry at the Beach series in 2007.  She was twice selected as a fellow in the Jennie McKean Moore Fellowship program, once in poetry and once in memoir.  She is an active member of the Rehoboth Beach Writers' Guild, and leads the Guild's Free Write in Milton, Delaware.